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Thursday, January 19, 2006


My husband and I just joined Netflix. One of the things we really enjoy doing together is watching series of things, like TV shows, or movie themes--for example, we are currently on a very long-term project of watching all the Oscar Best Picture-winner movies and the AFI Top 100 list. We don't do this as a passive activity; rather, we talk to each other the whole way through, pausing as necessary to guffaw over stupid plot turns or ridiculous stunts.

Both of us have now added movies to our Netflix queue independently; and I assume we'll discuss as we go along which movies we'd like to see next and that sort of thing. But now I'm thinking, as a joke, that it would be really funny to add something bizarre to the queue and bump it up near the top, and see how he reacts to it. I will have to peruse Netflix and see what I can come up with.

We like playing mild jokes on each other like this. I think a little mischievous humor is good for our relationship.

Edit 1/20/06: Then I read today about a woman who's taking it a little farther...the Netflix queue is actually a point of contention in her marriage. o_0


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